The 4 main types of users/customers of the Platform are:

  • Project Owners (PO): Project Owners will be employees of the actual company or Project. While Projects should already have investors, the system allows Project Owners to post Projects that are still seeking investors.
  • Project Investors (PI): Equity or debt investors into the Project Owners’ project/company.Project Investors should have already agreed on terms of the investment with the PO.PolitInsure is not concerned with the terms of the investment in a Project. That is between the Project Investor and the Project Owner.
  • Insurance Investors (II): Individuals or Companies willing to cover the Political Risk of Project Investors’ investment.
  • Reinsurers (RI): Traditional Reinsurance Companies (or Development Agenecies) who will bundle (and Reinsure) the transactions of Insurance Investors.


Additionally, the platform will incorporate information and activities from the following 2 groups:

  • Data Providers: Traditional Data providers (e.g. Bloomberg), and new information providers (e.g.
  • Development Agencies: UNIDO, DFID (UK), NORAD (Norway), ADA (Austria), SDC (Switzerland), etc.