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At the moment the site is only for informational and testing purposes, but we would like all interested parties to get back to us with changes and feature recommendations for our eventual launch.
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Please choose the type of user you expect to be:

  •  Project Owner - The primary contact for a development project (e.g. the owner of a new Ride Share service in Zambia).
  •  Project Investor - This is the Investor in a project (e.g. The investor in the Ride Share service above , generally the party seeking PRI)
  •  Insurance Investor - The investor willing put up insurance capital for the project.
  •  Reinsurer - A representative a standard reinsurance company, or a development agency, looking to bundle the risk from several insurance investors
  •  Independent Arbitrator - If policy includes complex conditions requiring human interaction II and PI pre-agree on Independent Arbitrator. 

One user could have multiple roles (e..g for one project an investor might be investing directly in a project, but for another they are acting as an insurance investor)

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